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Rabbi Lax is a passionate and creative educator currently working with Young Jewish Professionals and Teens. He was born and raised in London, England before moving to Israel, France and now Texas, USA. He is renowned for his use of technology and resources to make Judaism fun, meaningful, relevant and relatable. 

Rabbi Lax is a sought after educator on Israel, Jewish History, the Holocaust and Anti-Semitism. He has led several heritage trips to Poland, Prague, Spain, Hungary, Israel and beyond! Rabbi Lax is also passionate about Kashrut and has certified Commercial Kosher Kitchens and Food Service in over 10 countries around the world. 

Rabbi Lax is also a professional musician and music teacher, available to provide live music at your Simcha (joyous occasion) or teach Jewish music / choir. 

When not in the Beit Midrash (study hall), Kitchen, Classroom or leading a trip, Rabbi Lax can often be found filming his "Torah on the Move" Video series that is watched by thousands around the world every week! 

For more info and to find out more - please email or Contact Form

TORAH ON THE MOVE was created by Rabbi Lax in Spring 2021 to provide short, relevant messages on the weekly Parsha (Torah portion) and Chagim (Jewish festivals) presented in short videos taken on the move. It is designed to provide short, meaningful and relevant content!

If you would like to sponsor a video, please contact Rabbi Lax to find out more details.


Current sponsorship rates start from just $36 for a video - videos can be dedicated in memory of family of friends, in honor of a loved one, to celebrate a simcha or commemorate a milestone. 

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