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The Little Bird

The little bird is calling
It wishes to return
The little bird is wounded
It cannot fly, but yearns

It’s captured by the vultures
Crying bitterly
Oh, to see my nest again
Oh, to be free.

The little bird of silver
So delicate and rare
Still chirps among the vultures
Outshining all that’s there

How long, how long, it suffers
How long will it be
Oh, when will come the eagle
And set the little bird free.

The little bird is Yisra’el
The vultures are our foes
The painful wound is Galus (exile)
Which we all feel and know

The nest is Yerushalayim
Where we yearn to be, once more
And the eagle is Moshiach
Whom we are waiting for.

Just One Shabbos

Western Wall on Friday night, first time ever there.
Strapped into his knapsack, with his long and curly hair.
He stood there for a while, then broke out with a smile,
Emotion, overwhelming joy, with tears.

The men were dancing there, their hearts so full of love
Sang such happy tunes, to thank the One Above
For showing them the way, for giving them a day
Rest, rejoice, with peace of mind, to pray

Just one Shabbos, and we’ll all be free
Just one Shabbos, come and join with me
We’ll sing and dance to the sky
With our spirits so high
We will show them all, it’s true
Let them come and join us, too

I said, hello, my friend, you seem to be amused
He said, much more than that, I am a bit confused
I know I am a Jew, I was Bar Mitzvah too
But Shabbos, in our home, who ever knew

He asked to join with us, to understand and seeHe spent some time with us, in total ecstasy
Next Shabbos came along, his feelings grew so strong
He first began to feel, that he belonged
He found his treasure, made some changes in his life
A brand-new family, his children and his wife
They learn new things each day, to live the Torah way
The message of the Shabbos, they will relate

Now, every Friday night, they go down to the Wall
Invite some people ‘round, and they will tell them all
We’ll teach them this new song, to join and sing along
Soon we’ll all be free, it won’t be long


Hashem is Here
Hashem is There
Hashem is truly

Up, Up, Down, Down
Right, left and all around
Here, there and everywhere
That’s where he can be found!!

Ve’Ahavta LeRayacha Kamocha
Zeh Klal Gadol BaTorah

Don’t walk in front of me,
I may not follow

Don’t walk behind me,
I may not lead

Just walk besides me, and be my friend
And together we will walk in the ways of Hashem

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